Chess: more than just a game


Is it an art, a science, a sport, or all three? Whatever the answer, chess is about strategy, tactics, practice and fun. Join our vibrant club in the heart of Mamer and find a supportive community, certified coaches and plenty of opportunities to play.

Chess class for everyone!

Expert guidance and support for entering the chess world. We have classes for kids 5-17 years old and plan more in the future. Enjoy and play chess with other like-minded club members.


As the chess club grows, we plan to expand our offering with more lessons for kids, classes for adults, events, and tournaments. Keep up to date by following us on our Facebook page.

Register now for the 2024/25 Season.

“I have always a slight feeling of pity for the man who has no knowledge of Chess.”

“I have always a slight feeling of pity for the man who has no knowledge of Chess”

– Siegbert Tarrasch

Mamer Club is the place where we meet, play and grow together.

Chess is not always about winning

The Club

Mamer Chess Club is a not-for-profit organisation currently offering chess lessons for children aged 5-17, led by a qualified coach. We plan to provide more events, tournaments and classes for every age in the future.



Whether you’re a seasoned player looking for new moves or a beginner just getting started, there’s always room for improvement.

Here’s a list of resources and links to improve your game away from the club.